How To Search For A Job After B.Tech:-

It sounds absolutely difficult and hard right? But I have some sincere tips for the student looking for jobs. First of all, I m totally not in favor of wasting time just not knowing what to do after completing studies? I feel students need to immediately set their mind on certain things and move on within a month or so after completing studies. I believe these tips are equally helpful for not only B.Techs but any other degree holder too.

Here are the tips for the students looking for jobs:-

1.)The first thing is to move to a metro city with a single aim of hunting for a job. Just don’t waste your time there. There are hundreds of students go there and probably few of your friends are there. Join them for accommodation and start hunting from day one.

2.)Second thing there are hundreds of website offering job search and hunt help. Register in almost all of them. Complete the registration and track the recruitments. Don’t miss LinkedIn profiles, make connections there and hunt for HRs and mail them asking for jobs.

3.)Third thing is to find consultants who can arrange an interview for you with the companies. Don’t pay then in advance, tell them that you are a poor student will pay after your get the job. They have gone professionals and these days many companies use their services for recruiting employees.

4.)Fourth, don’t miss any news papers job special, like Times Ascent and The Hindu’s.Pick out the companies you want to attend interview and definitely go for tests and interviews.

5.)Fifth, figure out who among your friend and seniors are industry working in your domain. Don’t think that how do they feel when you call them after such a long time and only when you are in need. Just give a call and ask for some time for tea or a coffee. Visit their room and take recommendations and ask for referrals. Don’t disappoint if they are not very helpful, everyone have their own reservations.

6.)Fifth, figure out who among your friend and seniors are industry working in your domain. Don’t think that how do they feel when you call them after such a long time and only when you are in need. Just give a call and ask for some time for tea or a coffee. Visit their room and take recommendations and ask for referrals. Don’t disappoint if they are not very helpful, everyone have their own reservations.

To end, the idea is that everyone who is recruiting should have your CV in hand, and know you are looking for a job. Don’t waste your time and don’t get into bad habits.

Wish you all a great luck and future ahead.

Types of mechanical engineering-

Many students keep asking us about different types of mechanical engineering. They are not clear about different areas of mechanical engineering. Actually this question is a bit confusing in itself. We call it “sub disciplines” instead of “types”. So “Types of mechanical engineering” actually are “sub disciplines of mechanical engineering” in a true sense. All different types of mechanical engineering have something in common which is study and application of heat and motion. Here are some of the well known types of mechanical engineering (or sub disciplines in other words):

1.)Manufacturing engineering: Manufacturing engineering is a type of mechanical engineering which deals with study and analysis of different manufacturing practices. It deals with research and development of machines, machine tools, parts, products, equipment, processes and systems etc.

2.)Thermal engineering: As the name suggests thermal engineering deal with cooling and heating of processes, closed environments or equipment etc. Mechanical engineers in this area of specialization are taught to keep any system at optimum temperature.

3.)Automotive or Automobile engineering: Automotive engineers design, build, maintain, and operate self - propelled vehicles for use on land or sea, in air or space. From manufacturing of car parts to assembly of car parts, all is covered under umbrella of automobile engineering. This is one of the most interesting and most demanding types of mechanical engineering.

4.)Acoustical engineering: Acoustical engineers manipulate and control vibrations and they work on reducing unwanted sounds in any system or process.

5.)Aerospace engineering: In this branch of mechanical engineering, students are taught things like design, construction, operation and support of aircrafts, spacecrafts and other air vehicles. They are responsible for the research, design and production of spacecraft, aircraft, aerospace equipment, missiles and satellites.

6.)Naval Engineering: This is one of the types of mechanical engineering which deals with marine structures. Naval engineers are responsible for design, analysis, maintenance and manufacturing of marine vehicles and other related structures.

7.)Biomedical engineering: Biomedical engineers study both the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and human anatomy and physiology. They design and develop biomedical products and products which help people with different injuries like spinal injuries etc. This is one of the best types of mechanical engineering which is serving medical field in a very positive way. Many human disabilities can now be recovered due to the efforts of biomedical engineers.

8.)Structural analysis: This is a branch of mechanical engineering as well as civil engineering. Students in this branch try to learn how and why structures fail and what possible measures are to e taken to save any structure from failing.

I hope after reading this article, you will be able to understand all basic types of mechanical engineering. These sub disciplines as mentioned above are very fundamental and basic areas of specialization for mechanical engineers. All these fields include study of basic mechanical engineering concepts and then at later stage students are encouraged to opt for their areas of interest.

Thanx 4 reading and I hope it's helpful.


Hi friends!!
As we all know that presenting yourself before recruiters is very important aspect while approaching to get into any organisation. Interview is the only platform where a fresher present themselves before recruiters. Let’s have a quick interview tips which may help to mark a good impression in the minds of recruiting body. You may find a lot of interview tips on Google but these tips are from my personal experience and may help lazy engineers like us.

1.Always keep your interview kit ready which should include 5 copies of each documents required along with resume, passport sized photograph in formals, pen, formal wear(do not select black and white combination for formals always choose light blue or colours which are light in colour except white), formal shoes, a pair of white shocks, a white handkerchief. Do not use these things elsewhere; keep them exclusive for interview.

2.Before going to an interview note down the address of the venue and phone number associated with it. Also you can take help of Google maps for getting an idea about the exact location of venue.

3.Always reach 30 minutes before the reporting time so that you have enough time to make up your mind to face interview.

4.Get your hair trimmed and shave cleaned before going to an interview.

5.Surf about the company profile and also go through the placement papers as there is always repeat questions in written exams from previous placement papers.

6.Have confidence even if you don’t know anything about a specific topic.

7.Don’t argue with the interviewer and behave in a polite way.

8.Just go through the basic Mechanical Engineering Terms and concepts.

9.Have a good sleep one night before interview and don’t take stress.

10. Just give your best, it’s your time to present yourself and show what you have learnt in 4 years of Engineering.

That was a small experience that I found worth sharing with you all so that when you go for an interview you can do your best. Be well prepared and gain something from each interview. Don’t get frustrated if you are not selected just wait for good time and have faith in God. Take experience, enjoy life and always try to learn from your mistakes.



Life in engineering college is something that is defined in various ways. For some students it is interesting, for some it is full of burdens and for some it is balanced. So the question here is “how the life of an engineering student actually is?”

The one and only answer to this question is that it only depends on the student. There is a famous quote “LIFE IS HOW WE SEE IT” and whole answer lies in this quote. If you see your life as a burden then it will obviously become a burden for you on the other hand if you see it as a responsibility or a challenge then you will enjoy it and friends life is meant for enjoying .Enjoy your work, take breaks, appreciate yourself, look forward and keep moving on, ultimately you will meet your success. Living life is an art, it is like a bus journey of 6-8 hours, now in journey it depends on you that either you enjoy that journey or keep waiting for destination. If you keep on waiting for destination it will become boring and if you keep on enjoying it then that 6-8 hours will look like a very small span of time. So, here destination is success and journey is the effort that we give to achieve that success now it depends on you how you do your journey.

Keep smiling as smiling kills 50% of your problems. Smile now and you will feel relaxed .Do it now!! Have a big smile on your face and I guarantee you will forget almost all your problems.

So my friends, life is an art of balancing. We have to balance everything studies, fun, family, friends, emotions etc. and the best balancer always wins. So stop complaining from life and start living it. Give your best, fight your fears and be a winner.

All the best !


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